171: The State Fair of Texas

17 Oct

Today, we took Missy Mack to the fair for the first time. She was pretty darn excited. The adults were not so much excited because it was drizzling and pretty darn yucky outside. We had visions of a pretty miserable day. Pops tried to trade Missy Mack for a trip to the AG store. I said no to that because her birthday is in a few days. We are not buying AG stuff days before a birthday just so we can avoid the fair. I bought us ponchos and told Missy Mack that if it was pouring, we were leaving.

We arrived, she was amazed by Big Tex and his talking while we ate our Fletcher’s Corny Dogs.



Missy Mack wanted to hit the Midway certain she held the same bravery she had for The North Texas Fair & Rodeo. Not so much… she climbed over me screaming in terror over a baby type ride that went quickly in a circle claiming it was scary because it was too fast. Instead, Missy Mack fell in love with a large slide in a sack where she caught serious air. After riding this several times and the Merry-Go-Round, we shared a funnel cake and ice cream and Honey and attempted to talk her into other rides. She did a few fun houses, but I deem her a scaredy cat.

Missy Mack did get an awesome face paint job.



We saw a horse cutting show, some goats, police horses and met Elise the Borden cow.


We checked out cars paying particular attention to Missy Mack’s long legs in the VW beetle since I miss mine.


We came, we conquered and I feel like the fair might have conquered us, but Missy Mack enjoyed it. It was an expensive success. Even though I’m still disappointed that she doesn’t have a thrill for the rides.


One Response to “171: The State Fair of Texas”

  1. Cindy October 17, 2013 at 3:13 am #

    Looks like fun even though she was a scaredy cat!!

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