165: It’s Great To Be Eight

21 Oct

My itty bitty 5lb baby turns 8 years old today. I’m not ready for this. I have felt sad about this growth from the very beginning. Every time I put away clothes or but new shoes, I cry. My little girl is growing up. She is changing. Her face is changing and her legs are just too damn long.

She woke up to her first gift of a long time favorite book. It’s a collection of stories where the main characters are 8 years old.


We surprised her at lunch. Mr. Mack brought her lunch and ate with her. Her teacher, had a birthday cape made for the bday kid that is so cute.


When Missy Mack and I got home from school, she got her bday present, an doll kitchen. She loved it.


Missy Mack requested going to the high school football game. It was homecoming so we got to see all the excitement.




Missy Mack ran with her buddy all night at the game.


We got home with an hour left in the day. It was fun even though she’s a year older.


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