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140: A Book Launch

25 Nov

It is a cold, wet November day in Austin, Texas today but we loaded up and headed downtown for ballet and then to our first book launch party.

A school mom has written a book and her launch party is today. She is English with cousins of our same last name and two beautiful children she adopted from China. This author has been great fun getting to know over the years at school so this was fun to see students, friends and the community surround this mom with love and support on this new adventure. I’m so proud and jealous.





Check out Operation Golden Llama


141: Playing Surprise Elf

23 Nov

This morning I got to play elf during assembly. A parent dropped off special prizes for teachers to be given at assembly this morning. I had been asked earlier in the week to run assembly because the boss lady knew she would be out. On Friday mornings all the names of teachers who gave out daily notices to kids with rockin behavior get put in a basket and we draw for a Starbucks gift card. We did that this morning but three other teachers got a special prize to do some Christmas shopping with this morning. It was so fun to deliver this kind of surprise and I am so thankful to work in a community that loved and supports teachers.

142: Back to the Clothes

22 Nov

This morning I stood in the closet staring at my clothes. Just staring. Staring at my clothes and realizing my outfit problem from yesterday is really a wardrobe problem and that is overwhelming.

Tonight, I stood in my closet and filled up a garbage bag full of clothes there is not a dent in the closet.


143: Clothes at Almost 40

21 Nov

I’m struggling with where you draw the line. At what point are you too old for a trend? Can I wear the shortie boot or is that just for the skinny 20 something? I mean I don’t want to be old frumpy lady but I don’t want to walk on the side of the sidewalk that I clearly don’t belong.

I realized after I purchased this dress for a wedding next week that will also work for Christmas parties and the ballet coming up. This was easy. I can dress it up or down. There are lots if options.

But maybe that’s the problem, too many choices. Tall boots, cowboy boots, flats, tights, sparkly jewelry, hair accessories, what to do….

I’m freaking out. I need help. I’m texting pictures of this boots to my only friend with truth.


Can I pull this off? I just don’t know. I end up asking our babysitter. Both her and my fearless friend say totally. I’m just not brave enough. And why not? Why is this so hard?

144: My Giant

20 Nov

Missy Mack is growing like crazy. She wears a size 4 shoe, which I can put my foot into. I wouldn’t wear her shoes all day long because my toes would be squished but her flip flops I can do. That is crazy.

Several weekends in a row I have had to run out and grab bigger pants and shirts. I have always cried every time I put clothes she has out grown since she was 3 weeks old. It’s so sad. Now it’s worse because she isn’t even ready for these clothes but her legs and torso are so long I have to go there. It looks so big.

I can’t take it. This does describe her.


145: Surprising Fun

19 Nov

Saturday, after dance F1 Fan Fest was just outside the door so we did a little walk around to check it all out. This is the second year Austin has hosted the F1 races. Mr. Mack is super geeked by the whole thing so it was fun to see him checking it all out.





Missy Mack even got to walk to red carpet because Ballet Austin was having a big party there.


Then we headed to the mall to spend Missy Mack’s bday gift card from Build-A-Bear. Ours has been closed for a remodel and just reopened. The new store is pretty cool. It’s very interactive. They have added some personalized features to really take the experience up a notch. I was impressed. This gig still isn’t old for us.




158-146: I’m A Failure- I Did Not Make the Challenge

18 Nov

On my 39th Birthday, I challenged myself to blog for myself every day of my 39th from my phone. I actually started failing around Missy Mack’s birthday so I started semi cheating, but I was making it work, getting caught up. I would get a day or two behind, but never more than that. Then….her birthday and my work life started piling up and the blog just took a back seat, which is totally fine and not the end of the world, but the end of my challenge because I didn’t meet it. I am going to pick it back up. It was like a vacation. This time of year is super challenging for me. Missy Mack’s bday, parent conferences, progress reports, testing, lots of family stuff, blah, blah, blah, life. Anyway, I just didn’t have time to blog. Certainly not ground breaking.

Let’s see if I can give a few highlights in the week and a half, which was really 3 weeks because I cheated.


We had our school carnival.


We went to the American Girl Fashion Show. Super fun!


We went to Sea World, where Missy Mack sat for a characture and loved it!

I’m sure there is more, but that is good for now. 171, and I will be back!