143: Clothes at Almost 40

21 Nov

I’m struggling with where you draw the line. At what point are you too old for a trend? Can I wear the shortie boot or is that just for the skinny 20 something? I mean I don’t want to be old frumpy lady but I don’t want to walk on the side of the sidewalk that I clearly don’t belong.

I realized after I purchased this dress for a wedding next week that will also work for Christmas parties and the ballet coming up. This was easy. I can dress it up or down. There are lots if options.

But maybe that’s the problem, too many choices. Tall boots, cowboy boots, flats, tights, sparkly jewelry, hair accessories, what to do….

I’m freaking out. I need help. I’m texting pictures of this boots to my only friend with truth.


Can I pull this off? I just don’t know. I end up asking our babysitter. Both her and my fearless friend say totally. I’m just not brave enough. And why not? Why is this so hard?


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