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157: Fairy Hunting- 8th Birthday

6 Nov

Today is the day. When school lets the early release out, I am taking Missy Mack and a friend to lunch and then to set up the fairy party. I am so excited!!!!

We got there and got familiar with the wildlife.


We decorated:

MKM 8th Bday 008

Jim Jim’s Water Ice Showed up and set up:

MKM 8th Bday 010MKM 8th Bday 012

Mr. Mack decided to open up the party to see how many water ices we could eat. We let the girls just keep going back for more. At the end with 13 girls and a handful of adults we put away 93 water ices. Impressive!

Granddaddy started the party by telling the girls the Legend of the fairy that came to Dunvegan Castle, where our ancestors lived on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.


Then we began our fairy hunt!

024028040MKM 8th Bday 001MKM 8th Bday 026MKM 8th Bday 021

We hunted in groups. The girls had to look for a fairy house and the fairy that lived there. At each house, there was a bag of jewels for the girls to take one. They were to collect a jewel at each spot to use to decorate their fairy flag at the next station.

The other stations were decorating their own fairy flag and a fairy photo booth were their were props and hand made fairy halos that my BFF made for each girl at the party.

MKM 8th Bday 002MKM 8th Bday 0032552003525520045


I am going to brag and say this is by far the best birthday party I have ever done. Pinterest helped, of course, and so did the weather. I am going to ride this kind of stuff as long as my little girl has the imagination to go with this sort of theme and love for this kind of party. You could tell that some of the girls still long for this kind of fantasy in their lives and had left it behind because they have older sisters. Others ate it all up. Missy Mack came up with the idea and helped me plan. I did have to bring her down to earth the night before because her imagination had gotten a little out of control, but the whole thing was fun from start to finish. I don’t regret it from the fantasy to the 93 water ices.


Happy 8th Birthday to my beautiful imaginative, dramatic, full of life  and fantasy little girl that has changed our life in so many ways and I wouldn’t have any other way. Thank you for being the best gift ever!



158: Pick Up Line & Late Night Crafting

6 Nov

Honey and Pops picked up Missy Mack in the car lane today. They were excited and nervous. They went to lunch and to the mall while I had 26 parent conferences in one afternoon.

We spent the night organizing and making lists for the party. Lots to do.

We stayed up til midnight making fairy houses.


159: There’s Nothin Like A Mama & A Clean House

6 Nov

Today, I arrived home to a clean house and my mom. We hung out together and started getting things together for this party.

My mom couldn’t decide what to wear so she brought almost all her new clothes and I am just going to wear her clothes all week. I’ll look and feel beautiful.

Welcome the newest member of our family, Bitty Baby, Ellie.


We had the slowest worst restaurant experience ever tonight. I have never wanted a meal to be over so bad. I just kept drinking.

160: The Busiest Week of All

6 Nov

This week begins parent conferences. We send the children home at 11:45, our gracious PTA caterers lunch and we begin the jaunty task of discussing student progress and goals with parents in a 20 minute race. Yikes!

In addition to this madness, we are throwing a fairy bday party on Friday, the cleaning lady comes tomorrow and my my arrives tomorrow.

There is nothing to be done.