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103: Crack Head

31 Dec

Well, I stayed till 1 AM working the puzzle and woke up again this morning, and finished it.


I just love working puzzles.

Right after that, I downloaded


I just finished


I just kept thinking about Tris and Tobias so I had to get the next one even though I don’t want to read about war. I hope I don’t hate it.

I’m a crack head.


104: Travel Day

31 Dec

We are headed to H&P’s house today. We stopped at In & Out Burger just to see what all the fuss was about.


It was good. Not sure it was worth the well orchestrated drive through line, but it was worth the try.

We arrived early enough to hang out and visit before I stayed up way too late working a puzzle with mom.

105: Busy Day

31 Dec

Me. Mack & Missy Mack wanted to head to D a Town today but I convinced them that we need another day. This was one of those perfect days for me. We went to the bookstore together as a family, I spent my Christmas gift card on clothes I would never but for myself and we finished our Christmas shopping and wrapping.

We cleaned the house and Missy Mack fell asleep at 6 PM. Mr. Mack and I watched a movie together and stayed up late.

I love these kind of days.

106: This Meal Will Cure Me

31 Dec

Tonight we had Christmas with Mr. Mack’s dad and we went to a Japanese Steak House for dinner. I decided this will be the meal that cures. Between the wonderfully hot healing soup/broth and the hot sake surely I will be a new woman in the morning.

107: It’s Just Not Better

27 Dec

We slept and lounged all day. We didn’t do anything. Nothing. Not out of our Pjs. Just rest. We just can’t get better. We watched movies, Missy Mack built Legos, Mr. Mack and Missy Mack played Disney Infinity on the Wii, I read. No chores have been done, no plans made. Nothing. What a way to spend the break- sick.


108: Merry Christmas!

27 Dec


She was surprised! She said she secretly wanted this. I hope that is true. She played and set it up all day long. After all the present opening, H&P had to get ready to leave so that Pops could get some insulin. It was a tough thing to problem solve being dependent on the VA. VA clinics are not opened on holidays so he headed to Temple to the VA hospital. They couldn’t even give him a shot to hold him over much less any supplies so they could come back because they couldn’t give him a meter. I don’t really understand, but at any rate, they went home and we will see them in a few days when we head up there.

We napped and then headed to my Aunt’s house with her children and their families and my cousin. We had yummy food, the cousins played and Missy Mack was pretty puny so we didn’t stay too long and headed back to sleep it all off and hope for more wellness tomorrow.

Seeing my dad’s side of the family is always full of mixed emotions for me. I have so many great memories of this family when I was younger. Now that I am an adult maybe those memories were jaded because I was a child and I just didn’t get all the complexities of everyone’s relationships. Maybe it wasn’t all that great, but in my memory it was great. Now that I am an adult, I see all their flaws and I both love and hate them at the same time. I crave being around my uncle because he reminds me of my dad. While he looks very different than him, he also looks just like him, he sounds like him, he has mannerisms like him. They are creative in the same way. I miss my dad so being around my uncle is a good thing. I sort of like this artificial relationship we have. Nothing too deep, but still connected.


109: Christmas Eve

27 Dec

Here we are one day to go. We are not 100%, but we are all some what better so we gather up our strength and begin to squeeze as much Christmas as we can into our day. Starting with Missy Mack and I shopping for Mr. Mack. We keep having to move to a new plan because places aren’t open. We settle on cologne that he would never buy for himself and feel pretty proud of ourselves. We head to lunch and then boot shopping where Mr. Mack and I will get our gifts to each other, a new pair of boots. Surprisingly, Mr. Mack found something he likes. He never likes anything. They didn’t have the boots I wanted in my size so Mr. Mack got his boots and I got none. Next, Mr. Mack and Missy Mack went shopping for me while I shopped for my mom. After their spree, Missy Mack got her picture taken with Santa and then we headed to church for the children’s Christmas pageant, a favorite tradition. After church, we napped and waited for Honey & Pops to arrive so we could go to dinner.


We had a lovely dinner at Gumbos with terrible service but it was nice to catch up with H&P because we haven’t seen them in so long. Sadly, Pops forgot his insulin, which means their trip will be cut short. We will just try to make the most of it.