134: Wedding Day

1 Dec

We started our morning with a breakfast for the ladies at the IHOP in Kingsville. The great grandmother hosted this event with an invite in the mail on a leaf napkin. They decorated all fall like with this sweet treat for each if us.


Missy Mack and I were disappointed that we didn’t get to order ourselves. She was hoping for pancakes and I was hoping for a salad, not jello. Instead we had bacon, eggs, hash browns and one of those stuffed French toast things that looked absolutely awful.


I forgot, we stopped before for Mr. Mack’s breakfast at Whataburger by the bay.


With a deck and this view


Missy Mack was given a box by her grandmother that had a cream laced summer paper thin dress with a matching summer hat for her to wear to the wedding and a bridal outfit for her doll. Never mind the expensive winter dress we already purchased. My child attended a wedding wearing the same color as the bride looking like it was a summer day and she was freezing with her doll as a bride that her aunt that belittles woman and young girls everywhere. I was so proud. Straight out of Miss Manners. Good thing in was in the middle of nowhere and the crimes can’t be held against me because no one will ever know and those that do, most likely don’t know the difference.

Scenes from the wedding at a chemical plant:











Highlights: kids running and playing, glow bracelets, DJ Johnny Hotcakes, lots of liquor, BBQ from a crock pot, hundreds and hundreds of cupcakes, grandmother made sheet grooms cake, actual bars that separate the bartender from the costomers, signs posted not to stand on the tables and coming back to the hotel with an extra kid for a cousin sleepover.



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