118: Lady Bird

27 Dec


After school on Friday, Missy Mack and I rushed to the hippest place in town to get a hair cut. Missy Mack has gone back and forth on getting a hair cut. I want her to really cut her hair off. Everyday it is a battle. She cries in front of the mirror everyday. She cries because it is tangled and difficult to brush. It is long and stringy and I hate it. She cut bangs at the beginning of the year and hates them. I have been trying to convince her to get at least a trim and get someone to cut the bangs so they will grow. I figured if I got my hair cut, she would get hers cut. I ended up chopping my hair and I don’t love it, but it is health and will grow.

Missy Mack on the other hand, started crying as soon as the girl started doing her hair. The poor girl kept having to come and get me because Missy Mack was pulling at the cape, and her hair not letting the girl cut. I went over to speak to my child and she started throwing a full on fit, like a toddler. It was crazy. I didn’t know what to do. It was like that scene in Steel Magnolias when Julia Roberts has the diabetic fit and her face swells up and she cries and starts pulling at her hair. It was just like that. I wished Mr. Mack was there. He would have known what to say to make her laugh, but I was just grasping for straws to help us get through this moment. Eventually, the lady had to come tell me that she would not cut Missy Mack’s hair. Missy Mack sat in the seats waiting for me to finish crying.

One day in Missy Mack’s memoir, this moment will be written like her mother made her get her hair chopped off by a women with two arms of full sleeved tattooed and dyed bright candy red hair, a real freak show. This is kinda the scene but it was not this dramatic.

Ultimately, we got in the car and Missy Mack said, Wow, I really freaked out. She put scissors up close to my ear and I thought she was going to cut my hair as short as my ear. I think the hair lady must have been using those thinning scissors because Missy Mack has super thick hair. Maybe she should have prepared her and we could have avoided the drama. Anyway, she wanted to go apologize.

I never want to repeat this moment.


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