110-111-Still In Bed

27 Dec

I keep trying to teach Missy Mack to mind over matter this sickness. I am pretending it is working for me. I just keep trying to keep things picked up and washing sheets and blankets determined that today will be the last day of our sickness. Missy Mack still has over a 101 fever so she went to the doctor on Monday, where she pretty much said this is flu and this is what to expect but she was worried some secondary thing was going on so she wrote a script for an antibiotic, which the pharmacy doesn’t have and called all over the city and can’t find. I’ll have to come back tomorrow for it. All I know is I am going stir crazy with the coughing and the sickness. I know I don’t feel well, but I seriously can’t take all of us coughing constantly and lazy and laying around and moaning and groaning. Let this be over already. I can’t take it.

This has been my view from the couch for the past 5 or more days:


Santa’s elf dropped off Santa’s big gift on Sunday night and we hid it. Missy Mack is going to blow a gasket. The craftmanship is just amazing. A dollhouse for her American dolls. She doesn’t even know she wants this. I wish I felt like decorating it, but now that I have seen it, I am afraid I will ruin it. It is so beautiful.


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