109: Christmas Eve

27 Dec

Here we are one day to go. We are not 100%, but we are all some what better so we gather up our strength and begin to squeeze as much Christmas as we can into our day. Starting with Missy Mack and I shopping for Mr. Mack. We keep having to move to a new plan because places aren’t open. We settle on cologne that he would never buy for himself and feel pretty proud of ourselves. We head to lunch and then boot shopping where Mr. Mack and I will get our gifts to each other, a new pair of boots. Surprisingly, Mr. Mack found something he likes. He never likes anything. They didn’t have the boots I wanted in my size so Mr. Mack got his boots and I got none. Next, Mr. Mack and Missy Mack went shopping for me while I shopped for my mom. After their spree, Missy Mack got her picture taken with Santa and then we headed to church for the children’s Christmas pageant, a favorite tradition. After church, we napped and waited for Honey & Pops to arrive so we could go to dinner.


We had a lovely dinner at Gumbos with terrible service but it was nice to catch up with H&P because we haven’t seen them in so long. Sadly, Pops forgot his insulin, which means their trip will be cut short. We will just try to make the most of it.


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