108: Merry Christmas!

27 Dec


She was surprised! She said she secretly wanted this. I hope that is true. She played and set it up all day long. After all the present opening, H&P had to get ready to leave so that Pops could get some insulin. It was a tough thing to problem solve being dependent on the VA. VA clinics are not opened on holidays so he headed to Temple to the VA hospital. They couldn’t even give him a shot to hold him over much less any supplies so they could come back because they couldn’t give him a meter. I don’t really understand, but at any rate, they went home and we will see them in a few days when we head up there.

We napped and then headed to my Aunt’s house with her children and their families and my cousin. We had yummy food, the cousins played and Missy Mack was pretty puny so we didn’t stay too long and headed back to sleep it all off and hope for more wellness tomorrow.

Seeing my dad’s side of the family is always full of mixed emotions for me. I have so many great memories of this family when I was younger. Now that I am an adult maybe those memories were jaded because I was a child and I just didn’t get all the complexities of everyone’s relationships. Maybe it wasn’t all that great, but in my memory it was great. Now that I am an adult, I see all their flaws and I both love and hate them at the same time. I crave being around my uncle because he reminds me of my dad. While he looks very different than him, he also looks just like him, he sounds like him, he has mannerisms like him. They are creative in the same way. I miss my dad so being around my uncle is a good thing. I sort of like this artificial relationship we have. Nothing too deep, but still connected.



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