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78: Snow (Ice) Day

25 Jan

We went to bed last night with the knowledge that we would have a 2 hour delay due to icy roads. We could hear the sleet coming down as the call came in. The cedar has been killing me and all I have wanted to do is close my eyes each and every day so I was looking forward to sleeping in a little. I was awaken this morning to the district calling to say they were cancelling school altogether so we left our PJs on all day. I seriously didn’t get out of bed all day long. Of course we had to deal with the drama of the neighbor girls with the whole neighborhood not going to school today. It was super challenging. They called Missy Mack cruel all day because every time they came out, she went inside. We rainbow loomed, watched movies and Missy Mack watched Frozen videos on YouTube all day. Do you want to build a snowman?



79: Super Teaching Day

25 Jan

I was a Rock Star Teacher today. I have actually had a few days like this during this particular week. I am not sure why, what secret magic I have flowing, but it is a good feeling. I just love my job. My students had presentations this morning and they were total Rock Stars. I received SEVERAL e mails from parents stating as much and thanking me for what I do. I am so fortunate to work in a school where parents take the time to let you know how grateful they are for you. It was so proud of my students today and I hope they we proud of themselves. I was just a great moment. I wish I could bottle up days like today.

80: What A Cutie Pie

25 Jan


Look at this cutie pie! She was looking like a fashion plate as we left for school this morning. Then later, we received this in an email from her:


She learned how to draw this in art on her iPad. She loves Alaskan Huskies and she is super proud of this drawing! We are pretty proud too.

81: Strong Strange Memory

25 Jan

Today, a memory hit me like a ton of bricks. I was drinking from a Styrofoam cup and I looked down and I was suddenly flooded with memories of my dad’s mom, my g randmother, granny. We spent a lot of time at the country club in our neighborhood at the golf course, the pool, the clubhouse and we always drank out of Styrofoam cups. My grandmother always wore bright pink lipstick so her cup always had her imprint of her lips on her cup. She had this breathy whistle. She also smoked, so I had all these images of her with that cup and her cigarette flashing in my mind. It was like I was being transported through time, like I was watching my childhood with my granny in a fast movie. I wanted it to last forever. Because of that, I left my cup with my lip stain on my desk all week.


82: MLK Day and We are Working?

25 Jan


Last I heard, MLK day was a Federal Holiday, but we are working today. Missy Mack is at home with Mr. Mack working from home trying to avoid the neighbor girls, the rest of the teachers on staff are sitting in a terribly boring meeting and I am getting 5 years worth of filing done. I felt very caught up at the end of the day. Super productive. It was awesome. Like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, but I am not sure if this is how a Federal Holiday is supposed to feel or worth MLK’s work and sacrifice.


Another cool thing was two staffs where Rex’s mom worked were together today so we all wore our Rexstrong shirts and took a photo to send to the Ryans. Pretty cool to have all that support in one room.


83: Our Little Runaway

25 Jan

Missy Mack ran away today.

She didn’t really have a plan.

Not a suitcase. Not even good walking shoes or a jacket.

Mr. Mack found her two streets over turning out of our neighborhood and said, ‘Get in the Damn car’ and she did.

That was the end of that.

Upon investigation we learned that the two next door neighbors who often taunt her told her she should run away because earlier in the day Mr. Mack had to get in their face because they had asked if Missy Mack could play something and Mr. Mack had said no. The neighbors were bold enough to  ask why he would let Missy Mack whatever it was they were asking. He bent down in their face, and said, because ‘I’m her dad and I  said so.’. He thought it was pretty ballsy. Missy Mack went on to tell us other crazy things these girls have talked her into. I asked her how she feels when she is around these girls and she said bad and her tummy hurts. We decided that she needed to take a break from playing with them for a while. She seemed relieved.

Crazy Neighbor Girls!

84: Temple

25 Jan

Last night I went with our church confirmands to Sabbat services at a local Jewish temple. I remember going when I was in confirmation classes. It made a deep impression on me then and it had the same effect on me last night. However, the middle schoolers we took last night were far more well behaved than I remember my youth group being. I remember my then best friend making fun of the songs and movements that happened during the service instead of asking questions to understand. The temple we went to as youth was in Dallas and very conservation, traditional and grand. This temple was very modern, relaxed and welcoming. The cantor had the most beautiful voice and I thought the service was so beautiful, reflective, prayerful and peaceful that I could spend every Friday night just like this. The people were so kind and the message, songs and prayers were so centering that I felt this would be a wonderful way to end a hectic work week.


After the service, the Rabbi, invited the students up to the alter, unlocked the tabernacle and unrolled the Torah. He explained that every temple across the world’s Torah would be in the same place because they follow a cycle where they tell the story. Last night’s part of the Torah was when Moses receives the Ten Commandants. He talked to the kids about how the Torah is made, the special trained people who script the Hebrew in the Torah, how Torah’s are purchased or commissioned, the tools they use to read from the Torah and store the Torah and why. Then there was snacks.

Before temple, my confirmand and I went to the Olive Garden for dinner. I just love the Olive Garden. I ate salad until I just about busted open. The two of us ate and ate and ate and discussed how difficult middle school is to navigate. She certainly has a strong head on her  shoulders. We then got in a very intense conversation about autism. Her sister is autistic and she is very interested in studying genetics related to autism.

While, I missed my family, it was a really great night!