102: Rainbow Loom & The Aggies

3 Jan

Today, we tackle the rainbow loom. After I slept entirely too long, Missy Mack and I headed over to my long time BFF’s ( I need a blog name for her. I talk to her everyday and she is different from who I usually refer to as BFF on this blog. I’ve known her since she was 14 and she’s the funniest person I know along with my dearest friend. ) house to conquer the rainbow loom.


This is the hottest rage in little girl land. Her daughter and her have watched lots of how to videos and know that Ashley is the best. Missy Mack and I can’t get the basic bracelet down and neither can Niecey Fafa. However, Niecey can do the fishtail so she teaches me. By this time, Missy Mack has lost interest and they are playing Barbies. BFF and I continue to watch videos laughing at ourselves for needing to master this loom. We decide moms across America are doing the same thing.

We end our New Years Eve with an early dinner with the rest if Denton at Outback and then home to watch the most nerve racking Aggie game ever. My stomach was in knots, there were serious texts happening with my Aggie girls and the dogs and Missy Mack were a nervous wreck from all the screaming. Aggies came out on top.





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