101: Happy 2014

5 Jan

I feel like I have been waiting for 2014 to get here for a long time. In 2013, I watched a dear friend battle cancer twice, my BFF gave birth to twins and Baby A went to heaven, I battled my own health scare and another dear friend is on the battle field with her 18 month old son fighting cancer. My wish for 2014 is healing.

It has become a tradition for us to travel to The American Girl store to check out the Girl of the Year. Missy Mack and I have been trolling websites for clues about this years girl. It is crazy that this exists but it does and we participated.

Before we headed to the AG store we stopped at Dillard’s where everything on sale was an additional 50% off. It was total mayhem. I have never seen anything like this. Normally, the Denton Dillard’s is a ghost town. Today, it was crawling with people fighting for shoes and purses and clothes. The racks were empty, the lines were long and people were shoving and grabbing. They weren’t even looking to see if they liked the item, it was their size, and they were buying. Pure craziness.

On to the AG store for a different kind of crazy. It was sad bit to see Molly & Emily & all their goods there, but Isabelle is beautiful and the clothes and accessories they put together for her are amazing. We were disappointed to learn there was no poster available this time around (it will be available in March) and the movie wasn’t out yet.






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