93: Birds & the Bees

14 Jan

Tonight our PTA had a family counselor come and speak to us about talking to your kids about sex. I heard this talk last year and the counselor is very good. Her name is Katie Malenski and she has great resources on her site.

Last year, Mr. Mack and I went together we learned we were way behind on having these talks with Missy Mack. We started looking for opportunities to start talking about our bodies and where babies come from, etc. These moments just haven’t come up. Nothing. She’s not curious or wondering.

I asked about this because my daily BFF texted last night and said her daughter, who is a 4th grader, called her in to the bathroom for an emergency. The emergency was a pubic hair! Yikes! I’m not ready this. Especially if we haven’t had a chance to have any conversations at all. We have a lot to cover in a short amount of time.

Katie’s suggestion was to fabricate some moments with this book.


I now have this book in my cart on amazon just waiting to hit send.


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