85: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

19 Jan

I stopped in Missy Mack’s classroom to see how this adjective runway was gonna go down.




The sticks with the numbers are for the kids to show how many adjectives they can use to describe each person in the runway. So cute!

I decided that I would sneak away and watch. It was super cute. The kids were having fun. Then it was Missy Mack’s turn, she was going with a partner who decided not to do what they planned.


Missy Mack began to have a complete meltdown, which she might not have started if I wasn’t in the room. I wanted to shrink or runaway. I hated this moment for her and was wishing myself away but I was stuck. The teacher helped them recover quickly and the girls went separately. Missy Mack went did this crazy dance move down the runway and ended with a smile.




She whispered to me that she cried because she got scared when her friend didn’t do her part. I blew it off and said, ‘well, you recovered great and it all worked out just fine’ and never brought it up again.

I just wonder, when you work at your child’s school, should you take advantage of those moments or should you just stay away. I can never find the right balance.


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