83: Our Little Runaway

25 Jan

Missy Mack ran away today.

She didn’t really have a plan.

Not a suitcase. Not even good walking shoes or a jacket.

Mr. Mack found her two streets over turning out of our neighborhood and said, ‘Get in the Damn car’ and she did.

That was the end of that.

Upon investigation we learned that the two next door neighbors who often taunt her told her she should run away because earlier in the day Mr. Mack had to get in their face because they had asked if Missy Mack could play something and Mr. Mack had said no. The neighbors were bold enough to  ask why he would let Missy Mack whatever it was they were asking. He bent down in their face, and said, because ‘I’m her dad and I  said so.’. He thought it was pretty ballsy. Missy Mack went on to tell us other crazy things these girls have talked her into. I asked her how she feels when she is around these girls and she said bad and her tummy hurts. We decided that she needed to take a break from playing with them for a while. She seemed relieved.

Crazy Neighbor Girls!


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