73-68- More Failures

24 Feb

Well, I got behind for the entire month of February almost. It is a busy one for our family and truthfully, I am in a bit of a funk. At any rate, I am going to play catch up here by weeks.  We had another ice day here, which has really boiled down to if it is cold, we stay home. After last week and the districts waiting too long and all the districts, there were 18 lawsuits filed and lost of snafus so they are too scared. If there is a chance of precipitation and it’s below freezing we start with a late start and end up staying home, which honestly, has been just fine with me.


73- Rex’s last day of chemo! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! That also means that in a few days, he will start his stem cell implantation. Scary and exciting.

photo (11)


72- Girl Day

Missy Mack and I had a girl day in downtown Austin since Mr. Mack had to stay home and wait on a plumber. A pipe burst. I took Missy Mack to dance, we had fancy dinner, went to a funky toy store and had a grand old time.

photo (10)image (9)image (8)



We returned home to find that our plumbing was not fixed. Our landlord sat outside our in  his car for 20 min when the plumber was due to arrive, which is why Mr. Mack had to stay home, he left and texted Mr. Mack stating that the plumber would instead be at our house at 7:30 AM the next day. Whatever!

71- Greek Orthodox Church

Today I went to the Greek Orthodox church for confirmation. This church was stunning. Of course, it took about 30 minutes to settle in and figure out what was going on but it was fascinating. I am certain that I could spend the rest of my life visiting churches and checking our other religions. A family joined the church this morning and we got to see this ceremony. They cut their hair! These people are very ceremonial. The pastor was witty and smart and caring. I love it and learned a lot.

image (7)photo (8)


70- Brrr It’s Cold Outside

After a beautiful weekend it is bitterly cold outside. We have had the fire going constantly and everyone in the family is trying to get in on the warmth.

imagephoto (5)


69- New Stuff

We got new stools and Mr. L got a new toy. We decided to get together and show them both off.

photo (9)photo (7)image (6)


68- Meeting Famous People

Today I got to host the famous Colin Meloy, author and singer of the Decemberist and his wife, illustrator, Cason Ellis at our school for an author visit that our librarian won. Our poor Librarian was stuck in Chicago because her appendix burst while she was there for a funeral. I was happy to hop in as the hostess. These two were delightful and I enjoyed their stories of creativity and how they grew up to do exactly what they wanted to do when they were young. How inspiring. They visited a local bookstore that evening for more and they graciously signed books and visited with all the gushing students and teachers. Missy Mack immediately got to work on reading their first collaboration project Wildwood together before bed and so fare we love it.

photo (6)image (4)image (5)wildwood


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