My name Mrs. Merry Mack. I am a member of the Mack family, the head of the household (and don’t let anyone tell you differently). The Mack family is small. It has two other members, Mr. Mack (aka @thegreenmamba), the daddy of the house and Missy Mack, the prissiest 5 year old you will ever meet. The last statement might not be true since I have met many a 5 year old girl and they are all pretty prissy. I love being the mommy of Missy Mack. I feel very strongly about being called mommy. I have been madly in love with Mr. Mack since he was 19 years old, mere baby. He drives me crazy and doesn’t always get it, but I love him dearly and he is a fantastic daddy.

I am a teacher in an Austin elementary school and I L-O-V-E my job. There are days, however, where I wonder, why do I do this again?

I love to craft, cook and read. I share this stuff.


Here you will find confessions of a wife, mother and teacher.

Here are the warnings that this blog might not be for you:

1. I don’t hold back. No sugar coating here.

2. I tell the truth however painful it might be.

3. I cuss.

4. I drink

5. I love being a wife, mother and teacher, but I also hate it.

6. I also have a slight obsession with other people’s obsession with their VJay-Jays and I write about it.

If you can handle these things, welcome!

I hope you are ‘spirited’, too.


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