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113: 3 Down

27 Dec

Missy Mack joined us this morning with a fever of her own so we are all officially super sick. The entire family laid in bed. Missy Mack is missing her holiday party. She woke up and tears just sprung from her eyes when she realized she is missing all the holiday cheer. I am starting to feel a little better, but not really. I am freaking out a bit because presents are bought, we don’t have wrapping paper, nothing. I have never seen Missy Mack sick like this she never just lays there. This time she laid in bed staring. No tv, no toys, no coloring, no good drinks, nothing…. It is so sad. I am sad for her for missing her school party. I am worried Christmas will not be very special because we are bed leading up to the holiday so there hasn’t been Santa or lights or baking or anything holiday-ish.


121: Gingerbread House Day

20 Dec

Today is the annual gingerbread house making day for 2nd grade. For years I have been watching this candy crazed day of fun and now it’s Missy Mack’s turn to create her masterpiece.



I’ll have to add her advertisement for her gingerbread house for sale when it gets returned.

The funny part is she chowed down on anything she could remove on the way home and then cried when she realized she wouldn’t be able to show the finished product to Mr. Mack.

158-146: I’m A Failure- I Did Not Make the Challenge

18 Nov

On my 39th Birthday, I challenged myself to blog for myself every day of my 39th from my phone. I actually started failing around Missy Mack’s birthday so I started semi cheating, but I was making it work, getting caught up. I would get a day or two behind, but never more than that. Then….her birthday and my work life started piling up and the blog just took a back seat, which is totally fine and not the end of the world, but the end of my challenge because I didn’t meet it. I am going to pick it back up. It was like a vacation. This time of year is super challenging for me. Missy Mack’s bday, parent conferences, progress reports, testing, lots of family stuff, blah, blah, blah, life. Anyway, I just didn’t have time to blog. Certainly not ground breaking.

Let’s see if I can give a few highlights in the week and a half, which was really 3 weeks because I cheated.


We had our school carnival.


We went to the American Girl Fashion Show. Super fun!


We went to Sea World, where Missy Mack sat for a characture and loved it!

I’m sure there is more, but that is good for now. 171, and I will be back!

187: Power Day

28 Sep


Today, is potluck for teachers, International Day at school, the first Brownie hike, Brownie night at Austin Pizza and a mentoring day for me. Lots to do.

Mr. Mack made Scottish shortbread for Missy Mack to take to school and share with her class. I made two salads for the potluck. Missy Mack and I dressed in our Scottish attire, which I changed out of to head to mentor.


Then, I met up with the Brownie hikers, who got rained on.


The rain cleared, briefly, and we headed to Austin Pizza for play, fun and food. We got new uniforms, books and bags. The girls were so excited. They created The Bob Show. It was really funny and entertaining.


Then, the sky opened up and the water flowed. The girls didn’t care. They ran and danced and played in the rain. It was great fun.


Then we loaded our soggy selves into our car and headed home, where we collapsed into bed.

195: Talk Like A Pirate Day

23 Sep

Missy Mack’s class mascot is the pirate so they are celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day. I made Missy Mack the cutest pirate costume ever. I don’t know if pirates are cute but she is a cute pirate!

She cried and complained that it was too poofy. I told she was in her own for international day next week. I wasn’t going to stay up making costumes for mean and rude girls. So much for cute!

215: Help! I’m Burning!

31 Aug


Today, we had a fire drill. Missy Mack decided she would test out what happens if you are in the bathroom when the alarm goes off. Since it was the first one, the whole school knew it was coming. She hung out in the bathroom for 15 min claiming her tummy hurt. The alarm goes off, and she stays on the stall swinging her feet until someone comes in to get her. The librarian finds her and waits for to finish up while the alarm is still blaring. The best part is when the librarian walks her to her class, her teacher is showing her green card meaning all her students are with her and accounted for. I teased her teacher all day long that she left my kid in the building to burn.

217:It’s the First Day of School

31 Aug

We all slept like Christmas Eve last night but Mr. Mack got up and made us a healthy breakfast for the first day of school. My second grader looked so grown up this morning. She was super excited and I was nervous she would have another emotional day.

We took our traditional picture out front.


Then we ran into a good friend, who is a few months older but in the grade above. They made instant friends in pre-school and I am hoping to use this photo at the rehearsal dinner.


Look at how confident she is!

We brought her sweet and outstanding teacher a little prize.


The classroom looks so fun!


I went to the doctor for a follow up today and found up how to maintenance my disorder, which basically is keep going to the doctor and checking in. I still really like this doctor.

I returned to learn that Missy Mack has the best teacher ever and LOVES 2nd grade.